MIC: Monkey-In-Chief

Larry Morgan is a long-time radio broadcaster, frustrated writer, thwarted director, sometimes actor, marginally gifted improviser, relatively successful voice actor and soup enthusiast. 

After years of being told what to say (and, invariably, being told either to say it in a shorter amount of time or, in some cases, just stop saying anything, period) he decided that he had to take matters into his own paws...er...hands and, thus, SnarkMonkey was born.

He still doesn't know exactly what it is yet, but it's here - it's weird - and it's going to be around and in your face and ears for a long time. As long as he remembers to renew the domain name annually.

Also, he has this thing for monkeys. Not like, "um, dude, you and your 'thing' for monkeys is making me highly uncomfortable," but just an all-around appreciation for the species, even if he's done zero research on them and continues to lump all simian creatures - apes, chimpanzees, etc. - into the monkey category. He doesn't care. Sue him. He figures, unless you're Jane Goodall or something (who, it's very possible, is actually dead, we're not sure) you're not likely to be a rich zoologist or something and therefore do not have the funding to get decent legal representation to build a case in the first place. So, really, you can just shove the whole snooty attitude about proper classification vis-a-vis monkeys up your elitist zoologist bunghole.

Hm...this "About" page took an ugly turn. Perhaps "he" shouldn't be writing his own bio while totally plowed on absinthe.