#4 - Frank Ferrante

Frank Ferrante is an accomplished stage actor and director, but through a remarkable twist of fate - based on a childhood passion - has made a career out of performing as the one-and-only Groucho Marx. What started as an attempt in college to "put on a show!" simply to get a decent grade and a degree became something much more, including getting to know and receive the blessing from the Marx family. Listen as Frank immerses himself in, then attempts to break away from, then again embraces the persona of the great Groucho, which led to Frank becoming a true throwback performer doing drama, comedy and song on stages all over the country and around the world. Plus he's a kind, gentle, warm, caring soul who deserves your attention. So...bring it, monkeys! This one's only about a 5 on the SnarkMeter, but definitely plenty of Monkey Business. (seewhatIdidthere?)

Frank continues to perform as Groucho to this day - see his touring schedule here for An Evening With Groucho - as well as his performances as the great lover Caesar in the remarkable show Teatro Zinzanni.