#8 - Seth M. Sherwood

You don't have to be an aficionado of the horror film genre to appreciate the tale of Seth M. Sherwood. Seth seemingly came out of nowhere to be tapped as the writer for the forthcoming prequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise entitled "Leatherface." Listen to how an early love for sci-fi and comics led to him pursuing a life in the visual and graphic arts, until the yearning to be a true storyteller became too great to ignore. To become a writer took years of toil, focus, and sacrifice, but all that effort seems to be paying off. Learn how a passion for Blade Runner, an appreciation for Devo and the repurposing of childhood Dungeons & Dragon skills (listen up, nerds!) have landed Seth on Hollywood's Blood List, on the radar of some high-profile filmmakers, as well as under the microscope of the genre's very vocal fandom - for better or worse. This is a chilling tale through the harrowing shadows of Tinseltown (it's not that scary, but it sounds good) with a few good splatters of snark but a little short on monkeys.

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