#10 - Joanie Fagan & Sarah Tiana

Joanie Fagan and Sarah Tiana are two working comedians who came up in different eras, came from different backgrounds and perform very different material - but still have a LOT in common. Not only do we get to hear about the unique paths these two funny ladies took to get to where they are in the comedy world, but also the real-life obstacles they had to wrestle with as a female in yet another male-dominated world. But - man, woman or monkey - you'll find this conversation insightful, inspiring and really, really funny, Joanie and Sarah give you an inside peek into what it's like in the business of going up on stage and trying to get people to laugh at you.

Learn more about them and get their latest performance dates here;

Sarah Tiana: sarahtiana.com - on Twitter @sarahtiana

Joanie Fagan: joaniefagan.com and 3blondemoms.com and follow them on Facebook