#13 - Dave Finkel

Along with creative partner Brett Baer, Dave Finkel has been a writer and/or producer on shows like 30 Rock, Just Shoot Me, Norm, The United States of Tara not to mention animated fare like Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain. They've also been part of Joey, the less-than-successful spinoff of the monster hit Friends, and they even spent their time as "Monkey Boys" Saturday mornings on ABC. Dave's path takes a winding route, from weird, experimental theatre, multiple college experiences, sketch comedy and radio bits to now one of the most popular and talked-about half-hour comedies on network TV as show-runner (along with Brett) for Fox's New Girl.

Find out how Dave's singularly unique, dark, bizarro vision - through trial and error as well as the support of a more, er...grounded...partner - was made adaptable to the mainstream while still staying true to his bent for the surreal.

A conversation that is definitely NSFW (or perhaps anywhere else, for that matter) but is raw, open, real, real funny and oh-so-dark; learn, laugh and cringe with the fabulously demented Dave Finkel.

Follow Dave on Twitter (when he OCCASIONALLY gets around to actually Tweeting) @finkel_is_great and watch New Girl Tuesdays at 9pm/8pm Central on Fox-TV. -LM