Ghost Ride to Selma (on the back of a flyin' ant...)

It's an Ebony & Ivory edition of the "group cast" this week as only two of us - Larry Morgan & Jason E. Kelley - get in the cage to chat...but what a chat it is!  Short on snark this week, but we do address the issue of race - a topic that became quite prevalent in the news during the past year which was bookended by the success of the award-winning juggernaut 12 Years a Slave with the current much-admired Selma

Despite this deep and somewhat heavy topic, as well as the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, we still manage to get geeky about superheroes, like Ant-Man, Daredevil and even slip in a little Ghost Rider lament. Oh, and WHY ARE THE BRITS TAKING ALL THE GOOD ROLES!?!?

This is a thought-provoker, but a conversation worth having, even if we DON'T solve all the worlds problems, dammit. (Maybe next week.) -LM