#16 - Joe Cipriano

  Joe and me in the MonkeyCage

Joe and me in the MonkeyCage

You've heard his voice on Fox-TV, CBS-TV...heck even NBC-TV (I didn't know that either) as well as commercials, promos, movie trailers, radio imaging and who knows what else and where. Joe Cipriano started out on the East Coast doing radio, ended up on the West Coast doing radio, and now is the King of the Promo. He even wrote a book about his journey, "Living On Air: Adventures in Broadcasting" - but in the latest podcast we cover some territory that he only hinted at in the book (which is excellent, by the way) as well as reminisce about our own experiences in the mid-80s at what was then the biggest radio station on the planet, KIIS-FM in Los Angeles.

We also cover how a fluke in the on-air schedule launched a major career, the future of TV and how he works, the importance of always improving, why disc jockeys are fatties, and lots more.  This is fun, funny, radio nerd-y and right up there on the Snark-O-Meter.

One of THE great voices and an even greater guy...enjoy.  -LM

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