#17 - Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E

Eric Schwartz is a stand-up comedian, parodist, Suburban Homeboy comedic rapper and all-around nice guy.  As part of a series with great comics who are working consistently but also working to break through, Eric is a prime example of a guy who's carving out his own niche, putting out hilarious stuff, working the traditional stand-up circuit and making people laugh.

Eric and I talk about his upbringing, how he helped import rap and hip-hop into suburbia, and how music and comedy meshed into a career - as well as how he still manages to keep relevant and youthful with a *gasp* benchmark birthday fast approaching...

If you haven't heard or seen Smooth-E's stuff, definitely check out his website, YouTube page, follow him on Twitter @ericschwartz and like his stuff on Facebook.  -LM