#14 - Bob Kushell

We go roaring into the New Year with an excellent new podcast featuring writer/producer Bob Kushell, who has just come off a Herculean effort as the show-runner for Charlie Sheen's show Anger Management which just completed 100 episodes. This Southern California native grew up in the San Fernando Valley and, with a vision and a lot of chutzpah, helped start up a sketch comedy troupe which got him his first writing job which led to a long and illustrious career in television (well...long, anyway...) that includes stints on The Simpsons, Dream On, Grounded for Life, Samantha Who and for a very long stretch 3rd Rock From the Sun.

Bob is funny, insightful and incredibly insecure, which makes him even funnier - but you will learn a lot about the business of making television, about being inspired by Bugsy Malone and Bob Fosse, and some revelations into the heretofore unknown life of Jeffrey Tambor. (Ya gotta listen...) -LM