#41 - Jerry Rocha

  photo courtesy Arsonhouse Entertainment

photo courtesy Arsonhouse Entertainment

Comedian Jerry Rocha's stand-up special "Gabriel Iglesias Presents: The Gentleman Jerry Rocha" airs TONIGHT (10/17/15) on Fuse (check your local listings) and, hopefully, will air again or be available on-demand or streaming somewhere. However you see him, check out this terrific comic's work and see why he's being touted as one of the hottest up-and-comers on the scene.

Jerry and I get in-depth about his Texas upbringing, being Latino in a diverse neighborhood, how he found his funny via Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey, Paul Rodriguez and the late Mike DeStefano and how big an influence "Weird Al", Hulk Hogan, Star Wars, his 5th grade teacher and Optimus Prime had on him.

It'll all make sense...trust me. Fast, funny, dark but lovable - this is a true gentleman, Jerry Rocha.  Enjoy! -LM

Get more info at jerryrochacomedy.com; follow Jerry on Twitter @rochacomedy