#18 - Gregg McBride

Gregg McBride has been making his way in Hollywood as a producer and writer - but his personal story is as compelling as any big-screen drama. A difficult childhood led to massive weight gain...at one point he was well over 400 lbs!

Listen to how Gregg's dramatic weight loss - 250 pounds in just a year! - led him to document his journey in two books, the most recent being Weightless (now available on Amazon and elsewhere.)  Along the way he's managed to find a place in the entertainment industry of image-conscious Los Angeles.

Gregg's story is heartbreaking, hilarious, inspirational, practical and he also has a great anecdote about a disaster movie and Traci Lords.  For real.  -LM

Check out Gregg's weight loss blog juststopeatingsomuch.com and you can follow him on Twitter @GreggMcBride