Put Your Face In It!

The kids go back in the cage after a brief break, and we totally put our collective faces In the latest pop culture mishegas.  We do a belated tribute to Leonard Nimoy, binge-talk House of Cards, break down The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, discover where Community is gonna be and when, intensely analyze SNL and lament the limp state of film while proclaiming a new Golden Age of TV...and much more.

Join Jason E. Kelley, Gabrielle Thomas, Chris "The McGahan" McGahan, Eric Schwartz aka "Smooth-E" with Desiree (last name withheld for privacy and, um...I don't know what it is) for all the fun. And a special thanks to "Shotgun Tom" Kelly for providing the title and catchphrase of this ep, even though it's almost impossible to explain exactly how and why it came about. Just trust us on this. Enjoy! #OnMyDougStamper -LM