#23 - Austin Winsberg

Austin Winsberg is a hilarious television (and Broadway!) writer/producer who made a name for himself at a very early age as one of the youngest show runners ever in network TV.  He was 9. No, I kid, but he was freakin' young. That series lasted only two years, but the path he took to get there, and what he's done since, makes for fascinating conversation!

Join us as we take you on fun-filled trek from the mean streets of Brentwood, CA to the hard-scrabble world of musical theatre summer camp in the Catskills to the dog-eat-dog existence of the Ivy League to...well, the no-kidding cutthroat battle of big-time television.

Along the way we befriend Fred Savage, get fired from Punky Brewster, get championed by John Stamos, crack the code of Gossip Girl, try to solve a problem like Maria, make it to The Great White Way, conceive and look for that elusive thing called Happiness. Oh, and there's a great deal of finger-banging.

Hilarious, inspiring, informative and ultra-snarky, enjoy Austin Winsberg... -LM