#27 - Lisa Arch


Lisa Arch is the host of TLC's forthcoming series Labor Games - which is generating a lot of press (not all of it positive) but she maintains that it's fun, sweet and the moms LOVED it! (Not to mention, they won cool stuff for their kid, and it distracted them from the intense pain and extreme boredom of childbearing.)  Lisa also takes us through her fascinating self-described "mediocre career" in Hollywood, from memorizing Whoopi Goldberg routines through doing sketch comedy on stage (with recent podcast guest, and brother, Bob Kushell) to the highs and lows of auditions, bookings and working in this business we call "show."  You may not even know you've seen Lisa, but if you've watched Seinfeld, the movie Legally BlondeMADtvCrank Yankers, X-Files, the cult film Windy City Heat ("Jiggly Wriggly" anyone?) or that omnipresent Wheat Thins Yeti commercial - you've seen her. What's it like working with Miley Cyrus? Was it fun pretending to be a naked Farrah Fawcett? What's the deal with Seinfeld and Larry David? We cover it all and more as you kids get a pretty awesome primer of how to handle things in Hollywood with grace, style and a sense of humor. Enjoy!

Check out a sneak peek of Labor Games on TLC Wednesday night 5/6 (check your local listings) and also look for Lisa as Principal Hader on the Nickelodeon series 100 Things To Do Before High School.

Follow Lisa on Twitter @flawless_mom and check out her blog flawlessmom.com

Here's a sneak peek of Lisa's new hosting gig on TLC's Labor Games...