#32 - Jeff Altman

Jeff Altman is a stand-up comedian and actor who has been seen on television for years - especially through the late 70s into the early 90s - and most notably on Late Night and then The Late Show with his close friend David Letterman. 

Jeff talks about his start in comedy via The Comedy Store when it was just in its infancy,  his passion for magic and sleight-of-hand, his close friendship with Letterman,  the time he turned down Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show...and, yes...the notoriously bad 70s variety show known as Pink Lady & Jeff. And we find out, once and for all, was his dad really a guy who would get so mad he'd threaten to "flip you like a cheese omelette."  

Take a fascinating journey through the days of the stand-up comedy explosion with the fun, funny and magical Jeff Altman.  Enjoy! -LM

Vintage Jeff Altman with his buddy Dave from 1987

This is painful - but fascinating.  The short-lived NBC variety show, Pink Lady & Jeff.  It's not Jeff's fault...it's really not...