#29 - Jeff Greenstein

Jeff is a successful writer, producer and director who has had a major hand in shows like, oh, I don't know, maybe you've heard of a little something called Friends? Will & Grace, hmmm?  Desperate Housewives, anybody? And most recently, as a director, a big part of the multi-cam hit Mom.

But Jeff's path to showbiz is unique in that, early on, he had zero inclination to be in the creative arts. So how did an Atlanta-born computer science nerd-to-be end up going to college in Boston to major in Film and Dance, land in Hollywood writing for television and being a part of some of the most-watched ("Must See") TV of all time?

Well, you have to listen, dammit, to get that answer. Jeff's take on being open to adventure, trying new experiences, learning everything you can about anything/everything is inspiring, hilarious...and exhausting - only because his exuberance and lust for life makes me feel like a lazy, good-for-nuthin' slug.

There's a LOT to dig into here; Jeff is warm, open, super-ultra-smart and funny as hell.  (And, yes, there's a monkey. And Jennifer Aniston. And Italian Cinema references.) Enjoy! -LM