#34 - Trey Callaway

Writer/Producer Trey Callaway comes into the MonkeyCage with some good talk about being a working creative type in Hollywood - and, wow, what a wide range of stuff this guy has done; a Teen Slasher Movie (the script for I Still Know What You Did Last Summer), a Sci-Fi Medical Drama (Mercy Point), a Police Procedural (CSI: New York), an Action-Adventure Drama (Revolution) and the series that just had its untimely finale after one season, The Messengers. He's also a professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts imparting his wisdom to young creative minds.

Trey's journey has taken lots of interesting twists and turns; coming out of radio, of all things, in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma where he was inspired by Star Wars to the training ground of USC's film school, to a short-lived career in advertising and being a part of the Corman B-movie canon.

We cover a lot of ground in this hour-plus conversation, but you'll get some great insight into the value of seeking variety in your creative life and Trey's enthusiasm for how he approaches his work (and life) is inspiring and infectious.

He also makes a pretty darn good pitch for why the new series he's working on - the TV reboot of the Rush Hour film series on CBS - will be worth watching.

Enjoy! -LM

You can follow Trey on Twitter @TreyCallaway