#42 - Gary Kroeger RETURNS

It's a rare repeat appearance from a previous SnarkMonkey guest - SNL cast alum, actor, host, advertising exec and congressional hopeful Gary Kroeger is BACK in the MonkeyCage just in time for the Iowa caucus hootenany (which just so happens to be his home state and, yes, they DO call it a hootenany. I mean...it's Iowa...)

In our last conversation (10/28/13) we determined that Gary was politically outspoken, but running for office wasn't necessarily in the cards.  Well, things have obviously changed and now Gary is running for the hotly contested Democratic nomination for Iowa’s 1st District House seat. Gary gives us some real insight into the political process - what it takes to run and win - and shares his very candid viewpoint on what we really need in government now. Agree or disagree, you can't help but admire his passion and commitment.

 SNL 40th Anniversary - McCartney, Carvey, Crystal...Kroeger!

SNL 40th Anniversary - McCartney, Carvey, Crystal...Kroeger!

But, we also cover his adventures backstage and in the audience at SNL's much-ballyhooed 40th anniversary show (where he had an awesome-yet-awkward moment with Paul McCartney.)

And a lot more...

Check out Gary's congressional site at garyforcongress.com and read his writing on the socio-political blog garyhasissues.com and follow Gary on Twitter @KroegerIA01