Rogue One: A Snark Wars Story

It's become an annual holiday tradition - the gathering of friends, family & Snarkers to geek out on the latest addition to the Star Wars canon. A stellar group of manboys relaunch the group SnarkCast for a round table discussion (it's actually more oblong-ish) of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I'm joined by writer/producer Trey Callaway (CSI: New York and the forthcoming Fox series A.P.B.), entertainment reporter Mark S. Allen (Extra Butter on ABC-TV), musician/actor Alexander Morgan (album For The King available on iTunes/Spotify) and actor Jason E. Kelley (Murder In The First and every other commercial on TV).

Part 1 of the podcast is SPOILER FREE - Part 2 definitely contains SPOILERS (we give you plenty of warning to pause, but come back to it and see how your opinion lines up with ours) - and in Part 3 we talk about the things that got our monkey going in 2016 and what we look forward to pop culture-wise in 2017.

The Snark Is Back, monkeys! And so much more to come in the new year.

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