#43 - Sarah Tiana

Sarah Tiana is a very funny comedian who had a huge 2015; multiple appearances on @midnight on Comedy Central, a great gig on a CMT show, opening for arena acts like Brad Paisley and Aretha Franklin while still going up in clubs across the country constantly, plus gaining a reputation as a great joke writer and Roast Mistress. Girl's on a roll, yo.

It was not an overnight process. Coming from a small town in Northern Georgia Sarah wasn't even thinking about being a comic when she made a move to L.A. in her 20s and started the long, laborious process of standing up in front of strangers on a crappy stage and telling jokes.

This is one of those great stories of discovery, tenacity and what it means to be fearless when all the odds seem against you. And notice how I didn't qualify Sarah as a "female" comedian...we talk about the bias of being a woman in a male-dominated form, and how she used that to her advantage.

 Sarah in the MonkeyCage rockin' the Waffle House gear...

Sarah in the MonkeyCage rockin' the Waffle House gear...

We also take a quick tour of her hometown Calhoun, Georgia, talk Waffle House gear, accents and breakdown the mechanics of a really great insult that won't get you punched in the face.

Check out where Sarah is performing near you on her website, sarahtiana.com

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