#49 - Kira Soltanovich

Kira is a super funny comedian, TV personality, mom and wife whose stand-up special You Did This To Me - which she did while 7 months pregnant! - is now streaming on the world wide web and is great! Despite having a nine-month-old baby who still isn't sleeping all night, Kira comes in to the MonkeyCage guns-a-blazin' to catch us up on life after Baby #2. We also get some backstory from her early life as a Russian refugee, as a teenager in San Francisco, as a Jew that may or may not have horns, and how her 5-year-old is possibly a spy from another dimension...and much, much more. Kira totally brings the Snark, so hang on to something...

Kira's stand-up special You Did This To Me is available on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes and almost anywhere you can stream funny stuff.  Plus Kira can be seen in the new GSN game show WInsanity hosted by Donald Faison starting June 9th.

Follow Kira on Twitter @kiracomedy - on Facebook here - check out her website at kiracomedy.com and watch her fascinating (...ahem...) jogging adventures on Periscope.