#50 - Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy is a long-time standing-up comedian (his words) who would have a similar story to many successful comics with one big exception - as a pioneer (my words) in the podcast world, Jimmy started Never Not Funny in 2006 when people had no idea what the hell what that was. Now ten years later it is one of the most downloaded comedy podcasts with a loyal following who actually pay good, American dollars to listen AND watch on video as Players Club members.

Hear Jimmy's journey from the rough-and-tumble streets of Chicago's South Side to a brief flirtation with an acting school in Pasadena - along with stints working in a record store, working in the record business - all the while honing his comedy stylings on club stages everywhere.

We cover his affection for radio, his passion for the band Chicago, his love of music and much, much more. A fast-moving, super-fun episode...enjoy!

Find out where Jimmy will be in your area on his website, jimmypardo.com - if you aren't already hooked, check out his podcast Never Not Funny at pardcast.com (or on iTunes...duh) and you can follow him on Twitter @jimmypardo or Facebook here