#52 - Ian Bagg

Ian Bagg has been a working comedian for some time now, but got a little bump in exposure after getting into the top 5 of last year's Last Comic Standing. So...who is this Ian Bagg fellow? What's his deal? Why does he talk kinda funny, eh? Well...turns out he's Canadian and grew up in an isolated area of British Columbia, worked in a gold mine (a literal gold mine) and was on the verge of studying Blasting Engineering when he instead decided to take the much more dangerous route of telling jokes on stage in front of people.

Ian's story starts out sounding a little like maybe David Lynch wrote it, but being of hearty Canuck stock and apparently with no fear, Ian's path includes a wild swing across North America from honing his skills in Vancouver, surviving in a youth hostel in New York, and finally figuring out where it's warm ALL the time after moving to Los Angeles.

We cover a lotta ground in this hour-plus, including a little hockey talk, why Ian's style of comedy can throw some audiences off, what the hell Weetabix is (see below) and there's a generous dose of conversation about monkeys. You'll see.

Ian Bagg is performing at the Irvine Improv this weekend (6/16-19) where he will be recording his as-yet-untitled special. Get more tour info on Ian's website ianbagg.com, follow Ian on Twitter @IanBagg and like his Facebook page here.